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Ethiopia is a land of big skies and broad landscapes. The highland plateaus reaches endlessly to a horizon and blend into blue sky, becoming an integral part of the landscape. The whole expansive view breaths of the freedom and joy that goes along with open spaces. However, it is the people of Ethiopia who truly round off the character of this intriguing land. They are intrinsically religious and as you travel the countryside you will see the distinct octagonal church topped with an Ethiopian.

According to Ethiopian legend, the Ark of the Covenant resides in Axum, the former capital of the ancient Axumite Kingdom, at the Church of St. Mary of Zion within a special sanctuary chapel. Ethiopia’s intriguing historical and religious sites are easily visited, including the "eighth wonder of the world," the ancient rock-hewn churches of Lalibella.

The parks of Ethiopia have been set aside by the government as wildlife and botanical sanctuaries and enjoy a high degree of protection and management. The 20,756 sq. km of parkland serves as conservation, educational and recreational purpose for residents and visitors alike. Accommodation is of moderate standard, but the hospitality and friendliness are exceptional.

Tour Programs

Location: 85KM from Addis

Sightseeing: Historical, Archeological and Religious/ world heritage site

Day 1: Morning 52 Km west of Addis and you will find the Mekela kuntire archeological site near Awash River, here you will find the fossil dated back to 2 Millions years old and there is also a stone tools which goes back to 1.5-1.8 Millions year, after a while drive to the church of Adadi Marim (68KM) one of the Semi Rock Hewn church around Addis, the foundation of the church is related with King Lalibella, it has a descending steps to the main Entrance, there are number of gets and different trench for the drainage system, then drive to Tiya (85KM) (WHS: world Heritage site), here you will encounter the stele stone which goes back to 12th-15th A.D. there is a 36 stele and from this 31 of them has an art-work on it, then drive back to Addis Ababa. End of Service.


Vehicle Minibus, Entrance fee for the village and for the church, sightseeing, English Speaking Guide, Lunch Box, and Government tax.